P5 Station History.

Willows Weather Station looking North

It was back in the very cold and snowy winter of 1947 when I first became interested in the weather at the young age of 10 years.
Fast forwarding to 1966 I became a voluntary rainfall observer for the Met Office and Southern Water Authority, later the rainfall data was sent to the National Rivers Authority instead of the SWA and finally the Environment Agency was formed who receive my recordings and pass them on to the Met Office.
My weather station is all set up at my home just off Sedlescombe Road North this part of the road is also known as "Parks Hill" and the road is also part of the A21 on the northern outskirts of St. Leonards-on-Sea, Hastings in 1066 country close to the village of Baldslow where I've lived since 1964. The Met Office approved my rain gauge site out on my back lawn and since May 1966 I've been recording official daily rainfall using a Met Office approved manual rain gauge, which I still use to this day! The site is visited and checked every three years by an inspector from the Met Office accompanied by a member of the Environment Agency.    

Location: Latitude 50º  54'  24"  N   Longitude  0º   33'   0"   E    Altitude  90metres 

I have moved with the times though and have purchased new instruments over the years starting with a Stevenson Screen to protect my instruments from solar radiation,also various instruments from the Met Office including a dry bulb sheathed thermometer and a sheathed minimum thermometer, and a Met Office earth thermometer for 30cms depth.
During recent years I have started using remote electronic weather stations which wirelessly transmit data from inside my Stevenson Screen and my other instruments to a console unit connected to my computer.
More recently I have set up a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus with it's temperature and humidity sensors installed at the standard height of 1.2m from the ground (protected by a solar powered fan aspirated radiation shield), and the wind direction vane, anemometer, solar, and uv sensors installed on a 6m galvanised steel mast (2 inch internal diameter). The Vantage Pro2 Plus also provides me with an accurate secondary rain gauge with 0.2mm precision.  
Recently I have added 2 Davis Temperature Stations with Temperature probes used for Soil and Grass minimum which work with the Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus.
All in all I have found this weather station to be a good investment and it will be used to bring you the weather information on this site using Cumulus Software from Sandaysoft.
Having explored weather websites online and finding people who share their own weather data via the internet I decided to join in and provide my own local current weather information online for anyone who is interested, locally or anywhere around the world. 

The Site is private.
David Roy Harris      Site Owner.

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